Photo Retouching:

Show your Photograph in the Best Light You Can

You want your photograph to show your scene, subject or product looking the best it can. No matter how good, or expensive, your camera is; your photographs don’t come out of it looking as good as they can.


I know your photography skills are second to none; your composition is perfect, focus is pin sharp, exposure captures the full dynamic range of light in the scene, and depth of field is just where you want it.


However, your images may need a few slight tweaks to bring them up to what you saw when you took the picture. Colour may not be just as you remember it, You may suddenly see a telegraph pole and wires spoiling the scene or you may notice a lamppost growing out of your model’s head or a dustbin that you wished you’d moved before hitting the shutter release button. All of these things can be rectified in post processing.


No matter whether it’s a photograph of your favourite dog, a holiday beach, your mother-in-law or your latest product off the assembly line; it will benefit from some time in the hands of the retoucher.

Retouched Footwear

Footwear Photography


This boot was photographed on a shelf in a second-hand shop, on a smartphone.

Click on the image to see more Retouched Foootwear.

Car Composite

Composited Image


Composited images can transform what you see into what you want to see!



Product Photography


This image was taken using natural daylight against a black background and base.


Coffee Cup - White


Photographed on the table in my study at home.


Food Photography


Best Friends, a tomato and an egg; in a salad they go side by side.


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